This site is dedicated to an exploration of religion and the reasons for non belief in any God or gods.

Religion has been around for millennia. No one knows just when humans started inventing stories to explain the world around them, but the earliest burial rituals have been discovered going back 40,000 years. Organised religion appears to have started around 10,000 years ago. We know that ancient cultures have written mythologies going back millennia. The earliest Egyptian mythologies were written around  4000 BCE [1]. In all likelihood oral stories were being told in the millennia before then. Today there are a number of major religions. On this site I focus on why I think the claims from the biggest religion, Christianity, are unsubstantiated , while comparing and commenting on other major religions.

So please read through the topics on this site, consider the content and ask yourself:

Which road is the best path way to truth: Faith or Critical Thinking?




[1] http://www.ancient.eu/timeline/mythology/